The Best Of British – Introducing The CST 100 & 130

20th September 2015

With British Food Fortnight taking place 19th September – 4th October, the subject of provenance will become a much discussed topic in the Foodservice sector. Supporting home-based producers can provide an important boost to the UK economy and it’s good to see the best of British food being celebrated…but what about other areas within the sector? Are these being forgotten?

Globally, the manufacturing industry contributes £6.7 trillion to the economy[1] and even though our country is relatively small in comparison to heavyweights such as China, India and the US, the UK is currently the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world[2] – quite an achievement. So what kind of products can we supply that others can’t? Well, with a workforce of 2.6 million people[3] we make everything from Triumph motorcycles to Silver Spoon Sugar and even warewashers…

Here at Classeq we have been developing quality glass and dishwashers for over four decades, and with all core equipment tested and produced in the heart of the UK in Staffordshire, we’re proud to have our roots firmly planted in British soil to help provide thousands of jobs for the UK market.

Our most recent product, the CST 130, has been innovatively designed with the foodservice sector in mind. It can wash an impressive 130 racks per hour (that’s up to 2,340 dirty plates) while keeping energy and water waste to a minimum thanks to features such as its automatic standby mode and rinse economiser. Every aspect has been created with operators’ budgets and environmental impact in mind so managers can be rest assured they are using the best available product on the market.

But that’s just one example of the machines we manufacture. From small compact units to larger rack conveyors, we make sure every warewasher is of the highest quality so that the very best of British manufacturing and foodservice equipment is available right on your doorstep. And to us, that’s something worth celebrating too…

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Classeq CST 130 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

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