Keeping The Nation’s Dishes Sparkling Clean

17th April 2013

Classeq began life as a family firm back in 1977 and has gone from strength to strength, producing our core products, commercial warewashers here in the UK ever since.

As Nick Burridge, Director of Sales at Classeq explains,

“We have always had a great workforce who we can rely on to produce the goods in the United Kingdom and one of the best things about manufacturing here in Staffordshire is that we are able to keep any eye on all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure that we produce quality products and have a close cooperation with R&D. We are truly proud to be a manufacturer in the UK today.”

Classeq manufacture a wide range of dishwashers and glasswashers for use across the hospitality sector with machines widely used in schools, restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes and so forth.

As Nick explains,

“With such a wide range of products we are able to cater for the needs of establishments of all sizes and working through our distributor network are able to source the right machine for each and every venue.”

“Our machines perform well, look smart, use relatively low levels of energy to help keep costs down, are reliable and give great value for money all supported by our distributors and after sales team too, ensuring excellent back-up and technical service.”

Classeq’s glasswashers and dishwashers are available in a variety of sizes, ideal for small, medium and large scale operations. The Duo 400 is the smallest front-loading dishwasher and is perfect for the smaller outlet that still want to reap the benefits of having a commercial machine being small, affordable and running at only three minutes per cycle.

At the other end of the scale, the Alto 280 rack dishwasher is aimed at larger establishments which have greater quantities of crockery and dishes to clean, coping with 280 racks per hour whilst only using one litre of water per rack due to its unique operating system.

As Nick concludes,

“Classeq provide the affordable warewashing solutions for business across the spectrum and because the machines are made in Britain, there is the knowledge that you are buying British and helping the UK economy too. We are proud of our role in keeping the nation’s dishes sparkling clean!”

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