Getting A Dishwasher That Is Up To The Job

21st August 2012

Many smaller premises such as B & Bs, farmhouse tearooms and small start-up cafes are tempted to struggle on with a domestic dishwasher as they build up their business. However this can be a false economy as domestic dishwashers are not built to withstand the heavy use of a commercial operation, and in fact commercial machines are cheaper to run.

Whereas domestic dishwashers are usually designed to perform one wash per day, a commercial machine is designed to go through 30 washes or more per day. As throughput increases, the cycle time of the machine becomes a critical factor and domestic machines struggle to keep up with demand.

“A domestic machine usually takes between 45 to 90 minutes per cycle, which is a long time to wait to turn dishes around,”

explains Nick Burridge of Classeq.

“But our smallest model, the Duo 400, only takes 3 minutes per cycle.”

The Duo 400 is perfect for those who need to step up to a commercial machine. It’s a small and affordable front loading dishwasher with a footprint of only 470mm x 550mm and height of 760mm. All Classeq’s machines are built in the UK ensuring prompt delivery, comprehensive back-up and speedy access to spare parts.

Built for safety, simple clear controls ensure that any member of staff can easily use the Duo 400, while integral chemical dosing pumps ensure accurate dispensing of detergents, saving operators time and money. It has a double-skinned cabinet which makes it quieter in operation and cooler to the touch.

The Duo 400’s extremely low capacity wash tank, only 10 litres, means a quicker start-up time and lower bills as there is less water to heat than in comparable models. Another energy-saving feature is its full-coverage filter system which keeps the wash water cleaner for longer, resulting in fewer water changes, cleaner plates and lower energy bills.

Classeq Duo 400 model


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