Classeq Service

Classeq is proud to manufacture some of the most trustworthy warewashers on the market, however even our machines require regular maintenance or they become susceptible to reduced performance, damage and breakdown.

Winterhalter Australia provides servicing for Classeq glass and dishwashers through our certified dealer network across Australia.

The Classeq dishwasher and glasswasher range available in Australia share approximately 75% the same internal parts. This makes it easier to keep a good stock of parts, reducing fix times and getting your machine operational with minimal fuss.  We have logistics hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth again designed to cut down your servicing times.

Designated Service Call Desk

Our dedicated service team can assist you with all maintenance or service calls.  Contact them at

The Classeq Technician Team

Classseq technicians are trained to the highest standards and are the only people that we would recommend to repair our machines. They are armed with the latest technical information and carry a full complement of genuine Classeq parts direct from the factory.

Warewashing Servicing